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Eye Protection | Blue Light Filter | Anti Glare Coating | Anti Reflection
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True Story

Glass has a matt surface that prevents the reflection of light rays. It is made in a technology that protects our eyesight against so called “blue light” radiation. In other words – it does not tire your eyes in the dark and protects it from the deterioration of acuity.

Hardness: 9H
Thickness: 0,33 mm
Withstands a 64g metal ball falling from 40cm (Falling Ball Test)


PanzerShell Vision Guard Matte Glass Premium protection

Anti Fingerprint

Scratch Resistant

Tempered Glass

Premium Quality


Delicate Touch

Vision Guard Matte Glass

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iPhone 13 Mini
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iPhone 12 Pro Max

innovative technology

Military 3D sonar scanning and precise laser cutting technology to ensure perfect coverage.

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