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Notebook stand

Improves Work Ergonomics | Proper Airflow | Foldable
Anti-slip straps | Adjustable | Compact | Sturdy | Ergonomic design
Stable Structure | Height Adjustment | Heat Dissipation | Easy Installation


Panzershell ProDesk360 notebook stand features a 360° swivel joint that allows you to rotate your notebook and position it at eye level so that it’s easier to maintain proper posture. The design of the stand is based on two shafts, so the notebook is positioned at the right angle for work. You are not the one who has to adjust to the laptop – the stand adjusts it to you.

The stand is compatible with notebooks and tablets with screen sizes from 13″ to 15.6″.


Notebook Stand Panzershell ProDesk360

Aluminum Alloy

Heat Dissipation

Ergonomic Design

Premium Quality

360° Rotation

Foldable And Portable


Rubber pads placed on the underside keep it in one place. Silicone straps located at the top of the accessory prevent the laptop from sliding and protect its case from scratches. The notebook is additionally be supported from below by protective hooks padded with soft silicone, which holds it securely, even if it is placed at a high angle.

Thanks to the ventilation holes, the stand allows proper airflow, which minimizes the risk of the computer overheating.

Premium quality

The ProDesk360 stand is made of high-quality aluminum alloy so it easily holds devices weighing up to 5 kg

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